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Although I have never bought a lottery ticket, I was glad to read who the greatest recipient of lottery funding was: 'Cycle paths scoop the lottery poll'. When I worked at a YHA near Ross on Wye in the early 80's I entered some Trailquests raising money for Sustrans, and I'm pleased to see that they have come such a long way.

And if the work that Sustrans are doing isn't enough to get you out on your bike, then the piece in todays Observer entitled
Flood sweat and tears should be.

But not everyone is just sitting there treating things as inevitable. The book and documentary film 'The Corporation', whilst slamming most companies, does show some such as Interface who are working hard towards sustainable growth. As their CEO Ray Anderson says, "We pass this way only once, we can leave the Earth better off or worse by our individual and collective actions. It's that simple. We can help or we can hurt the Earth and future generations. Which will it be?". Not exactly a sentiment that the company I work for engages.

On a lighter note, but none the less dismal reading, at least for me, there was this piece in todays Observer: Meet Ben Jones, as men become the new Bridgets. Oh darn, there's no hope is there...

What else has been happening...
I appear to be getting bronchitis.
I had dinner with the most beautful Spanish girl on Tuesday, and rather ridiculously it was warm enough to eat outside at 10:00 at night here in Rome - in November. For the first time in ages I wanted to be in her company, and saying goodbye was hard.
A girl I met 10 years ago has suddenly started sending me text messages...
My friend Simo has one more session of Chemo to go.
Read Michael Moores 'Will They Ever Trust Us Again', after watching 'Fahrenheit 9/11' on DVD. My US Election warm up one could say.
Watched Open Range, which I've wanted to see since it came out last year.
Pictures and tales from Sicily to follow...and, yes, I know I said that last time...


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