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My morning commute, squared

Old guy walking his dog "That's a nice bike, is it carbon?" Me "No, it's steel" Him (lifting it up) "My, that's light" Me "Thank you" #steelisreal - with thanks to @engineeredbikes for producing such a great bike!

Ready to ride.... #hellyeah

Windy day at the beach. Been coming here for over 20 years, but never get tired of it. #summer at the beach.

Shadows in the market

Towards the Shard....

Waterloo sunset

London, with Tower Bridge in all her glory.

A wonderful sunny day in London, a great day for wandering along the South Bank

A cold beer round the fire pit. Things to like about an English summer.

A flock of swans

Elba from the air

#hellyeah #newsockday Looking forward to wearing these!

Sun's going down

Summer sunset in Rome

The bike lane alongside the river. Shame about all the graffiti.

Castel Sant'Angelo on my morning commute