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Lazy days @casaledimartignano

Part of my cycling shelf #cycling #sportive

Sunset #nofilter

Late night visitor....

It's that time again. Last year, to mark the anniversary of my father's death from cancer, I took part in Le Cure 2018 as it seemed a good way to mark the event whilst doing something worthwhile, raising money for the Le Cure 2018. This year I will be cycling again in Le Cure 2019 and will attempt to cycle 387 kilometres and climb 12,361 vertical metres over 4 days, riding up some of the most iconic and most challenging mountain climbs of the Tour de France. I hope you'll be able to support me - any donation however small is gratefully received. You can sponsor me at

Millbank, London #millbanktower

London, I miss you so.

Super impressed with the new Siemens SimpleSocket electric car charging infrastructure in London. Built into lampposts, QR code, no new street furniture. Simple and effective #siemens #simplesocket #electriccars #electriccarsarethefuture #london

Making the most of my ride in the broom wagon 🧹

Not cycling due to a broken headset, but still get to enjoy the view! Great service from all the support crew, complimenti tutti! #mdd19 #maratonadlesdolomites

My day is finished. Broken headset means I can’t continue, my first ever DNF in the Maratona dles Dolimiti.. Pecato, I was going for the full Maratona this year. #mdd19 #maratonadlesdolomites

The Dolomiti #nofilter

Evening in the Dolimiti.

That was a long 750km drive, but arrived in the Dolomites, and all signed on for the Maratona dles Dolomiti on Sunday #mdd19 #maratonadlesdolomites2019 #maratonadlesdolomites