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...a pint of Smithwicks to finish off the week.

A gentle walk along the shores of Dingle Harbour out to the lighthouse.

The approach to the schoolhouse.

Irish thistle

Miles and miles of sand. Inch beach, County Kerry.

Clogher Head

A wet and windy walk on Inch beach, another location from Ryan's Daughter.

Maritime flags, Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland

The schoolhouse from David Lean's film Ryan's Daughter, with Blasket Island in the distance. A wonderful walk with stunning views.

They have a sense of humour here in Ireland.

Clogher Head, Dingle. One of the locations used in Home and Away, a fantastic spot. Met a great old guy taking photos of the waves crashing onto the rocks; "Shame there's no money in them, but I just love taking them".

How now brown cow.

Dingle lighthouse

Morning sun on the Dingle Peninsula

Misty, low clouds, driving seas. Atmospheric conditions on Slea Head.

Ruins, Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula.

Beal Ban, the best beer I've had so far in Ireland

Staircase, the Quay House, Clifden, Connemara. The nicest B&B I've ever stayed in.

Lots of rainbow colored sheep round these parts.....

Connemara Hooker, a nice beer at the end of the day in a great location at the Clifden Boat Club.

The Alcock and Brown monument on Connemara. They landed here in 1919 after a 16-hour flight from Newfoundland, landing in the bog next to Marconi's wireless station where the first transatlantic radio messages were transmitted. Two amazing achievements in one place.

A crab salad at O'Dowds pub with this view. Life is good.

Afternoon beach walk, Gurteen Beach, Connemara.

Kylemore Abbey, a very peaceful spot.

Rainbow over Connemara

Sunset, Glassilaun Beach, Connemara

Connemara rainbow. Saw a lot of rainbows today, never seen so many in one day.

Diamond Hill, looking back.

On top, Diamond Hill, Connemara

Storm passing over Diamond Hill, Connemara

Spectacular beaches in Connemara, worth seeking out.

Worth the climb and the 4-seasons of weather for the view, quite spectacular from the summit. Connemara is very beautiful indeed.

Sunrise in Clifden

Hello there....someone watching over me as I walked the halls of the rather delightful Quay House in Clifden, Connemara

Independent Connemara Red Ale. Nice drop of beer too.

Just your average Saturday night entertainment in Clifden? No, it's the parade to mark the end of the arts festival...

Great food, nice folks. A great stop in Galway.

Sometimes you need a treat in life.

Bus stop, Roman style.

Amsterdam shadows #bikestagram #shadow

@gwilsonnn94 - seems like this Is your coffee.....

Dutch street signs indicating where to pay for parking. Easy to understand, durable, and reducing street furniture by bring embedded in the pavement. What's not to like? #designsmart

Patterns at #ibc2016

Coffee with Google #ibc2016

Amsterdam street art #ibc2016

A+E team dinner at #ibc2016. With thoughts to absent friends.

Reflection #ibc2016

Early morning mist, #ibc2016

A+E dinner location at #ibc2016.

A glorious morning after a storm last night. #lovemycommute