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Elvis Costello, a good night, with some interesting insights into his history, and obviously some great music.

"I'm telling you, it's in here somewhere, I heard it...." Freddy chasing something in the garden yesterday.

It's time. Been on my reading list for ages, and the final week of the Giro seems a good a time as any to start - Geronimo!

Something I picked up at a market in France last weekend to keep me amused/ drive me insane next winter, a 1500 piece puzzle of the 1964 Tour de France

Leaf close up. Some things never cease to amaze....

Probably the biggest snail I've ever seen....

Cafe on the canal, the theme is Alice in Wonderland

My new friends....

I can think of a lot of worse places to spend the weekend....

Marvelous day watching birds large and small.

Do you think it's haunted? #B&W

A weekend at the coast in France. Windy and wild.

Sunday stroll in the park

Took friends round Rome yesterday, visiting some spots we haven't been to in far too long.

Rome in Springtime, hardly any place better....

Visiting friends brought flowers for my girlfriend- and they're lovely.

Woo hoo! My @cycliq Fly12 has arrived!!

The perfumes of my commute....

"Triumphs and Laments" in all its glory.