Average Pictures of Great Walks

[Listening to: Going Places - Paul Weller - Illumination]

Writing Great Walks the other day made me pull out some old pictures of my wanderings around News Zealand, and I also browsed through my South West Coastal Path pics from earlier this year. Unfortunately they are all scanned from good old prints, but here they are anyway:

Abel Tasman Coast Track Abel Tasman Sunset South West Coastal Path

As a matter of fact, I saw my very first shooting star on the night of the sunset on the Abel Tasman. I was persuaded to lie on my back on the beach by a girl who was walking the track as well (like I needed much persuading...). We saw so many I couldn't count them.

Todays Telegraph reports on news that Improved car design 'could save 1,200 lives' Why has it taken so long?

Of course if you'd been caught speeding here in Italy, yesterday was the day to go to court...Strike over Berlusconi bill closes Italian courts. Surely this farce can't last much longer...the whole country will be on strike soon.

Also in todays Guardian was this piece: Thumbs do the talking on biometric tracking. I have vague memories about not having money for school dinners and having to cue for a "special" pass - which basically meant you were poor. If this can remove that I'm all in favour.

And back to the Telegraph, a nice story (in my eyes) Fighting a small war of words. It makes me want to pull on my coat, walk to the bookstore and spend a few hours amongst the shelves, browsing, reading, and eventually buying. I still remember as a child at infant school winning a prize and being chosen as one of two pupils from the school to go to Blackwells and help choose the new books for the school Library. It's one of my first memories of being in a bookstore, and it was magical. All those books, and I could choose what I liked!


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