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The Dam at Mont Saint-Michel

Small things matter. The details of Mont Saint Michel #unescoworldheritagesite

The new approach to Mont Sant Michel

Mont Saint Michel #unescoworldheritagesite

Inside the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel #unescoworldheritagesite

Mont Saint Michel #unescoworldheritagesite

Mont Saint Michel #unescoworldheritagesite

Normandy sunset

Shadow of Mont Saint Michel

Just a view from my evening commute

Sabaudia from Monte Circeo

Ti amo

What a fantastic day. Climbed to the peak of Monte Circeo, spectacular views as far as the eye can see in every direction.

Monte Circeo, love this walk.

Cat in cupboard. Move along now, nothing to see here.

"It's okay, you can keep it". Scary fish in the old English Market, Cork, Ireland.

Cork City Gaol, not a place I'd have liked to spend the night.

"Just off the shops love, I need a welding shield, and I think I'll pick up a new Mink trap".

Derrynane Mass Path, a wonderful 9Km loop walk on the Ring of Kerry

On a 9km walk called Derrynane Mass Path, Derrynane Bay is very nice indeed.

The ruined abbey on Abbey Island

Can't come all the way to Ireland without saying hello to a donkey.

The steps to climb Skellig Michael.

Portmagee fishing boat.

The pier at Portmagee. What a wonderful place.

The colours of Portmagee

Bray Head loop walk, with the old signal tower on the cliff top.

Portmagee sunset.

Remains of the Christian monastery on Skellig Michael

Little Skellig, as seen through the window of a hermitage on Skellig Michael

Rough crossing to Skellig Michael this morning. I was standing horizontally, but the swells were pretty big.

Skellig Michael steps. Some people went down on their bum.

Skellig Micheal. A Christian monastery was founded on the island at some point between the 6th and 8th century and remained continuously occupied until it was abandoned in the late 12th century. The remains of the monastery, and most of the island, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Probably the last day it can be visited this year.