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This Spring, in a solitary day of training for walking the South West Coastal path, F and I climbed a 448 metre "hill" called Monte Circeo. I'd climbed it years before, but not to the top, and this day was to be a Rpt of my earlier walk to the lower peak. However, the intervening years had dulled my memory, and this time I was surprised (and out of breath) when we busrt out of the treeline to find ourselves at the very top of what we dubbed "Old Baldy". After we soaked up the sun, recovered the use of our lungs and wandered around the summit to take in the fantastic views, we made our way back down through the forest. Everywhere you could see the evidence of wild boar, but we were both surprised when only yards from the car park at the bottom a couple of "cinghialini"I guess - baby wild boar, came crashing out of the undergrowth. We both figured that where baby was, mother was going to be close by, and we didn;t want to get between her and her young. Sure enough, after a few minutes of standing still (and 3 more babies), the mother came along behind. She was pretty big, and the fact that she was between us and the car park meant she was definitely calling the shots. It was great end to a good walk, and the first time I've seen a wild boar here in Italy. However, apparently, it's becoming a growing problem: Wild boar on the rampage in Italy

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Starvation party turns into a diplomatic incident. Give this man a pat on the back. I find it hard to believe that it's once again necessary to bring out Band Aid.

70 English words that came top in a survey of 7,000 foreign students of what they considered the most beautiful words in English language: Mother's the word

KatWALLks. Daft maybe, but I have to say they look kind of fun...


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