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Buffet time at Hotel Sant'Andrea


Sitting in the morning sun

Elba sunset


Segnale Turistico

I've recovered after totally bonking on the last climb of the day yesterday. Despite the superb qualities of my new @engineeredbikes Gezel I stopped more than once, and not just to take photos. That last climb killed me.

A hot day for it, but what a lovely ride! Got to say I love my @engineeredbikes Gezel, she rides like a dream!

Been waiting patiently for this day, and can now say I'm the proud owner of an @engineeredbikes Gezel. Nervously unwrapped it today, mounted everything, and am as happy as 😀. #newbikeday

Not sue If it's Reindeer, Elk or Moose....

Goodbye Stockholm - have to say I'm impressed, we had a lovely weekend.

Through the cabin window.....

To the lighthouse.....

Waterloo sunset, Sodermalm, Stockholm

"Are you sure it's seaworthy?"

Gamlastan evening sun, Stockholm.

Shadows, Gamlastan, Stockholm

Orange is the new black. #nofilter

No sails

Hans and Greta

Gamlastan, Stockholm. 9:00 at night, a long way from sunset.

Stockholm sunset.

Great lunch, great day. Thanks to the lady whom we sat next to who said "don't get off at Vaxholm, carry on to Ingmarso and have lunch there".

On our way to Ingmarso

Hard to believe it's 10:00 at night....

Sensible people these Swedes. This is to enable bikes and pushchairs to get up and down the stairs.

Great lunch at Hav, right next to the Haymarket.

Can't begin to describe the flavored, but well worth a visit!

Great meatballs!

"Can we have some order please!"

Angry Birds

Colder than it looked....

Stockholm or Gotham?

Stockholm Skyline

Wonderful night at Artipelag #ic16stockholm

#ic16stockholm ThinkNext

Lovely blue morning here in Stockholm.

Is it love?

Un bel Amaro dope cena

Rag & Bones and Blanket

Funky wallpaper in the Scandic

Bye Roma.....soon be in Stockholm!

Ninfa, as always a fabulous day out....

Josh and Ella, Ninfa

Ninfa, one of my favorite places in Lazio.

Not what you want to happen to your car....