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Boats on the canal

Rome in summer from the Gianicolo

Say hello to Garibaldi, the hero of the two worlds.


Fire trucks

There be dragons

Peek-a-boo. My view of the Basilica of St. Peters as I ride down the Gianicolo n the mornings.

The Basil plant is doing well, thanks for asking....

Sculpture. Founder a piece of Easter Island in the hills today.

A great ride, really fantastic views. #cycling not on the new bike (unfortunately!)

That look. The one that says "what do you think you're doing? Don't you know it's meal time?". #lifewithcats


There's a rainbow around the sun. #summer at the beach

Through the arch window. #summer at the beach

This town (town) is coming like a ghost town

Circeo, cooler in the morning. #summer at the beach

Beach art

Down on the farm, in the fading light....

We are the long people. #summer at the beach

Snakes alive. #summer at the beach

Al mare. #summer at the beach.

A bit of lichen

Mr Blue Head

Weekend at the beach. It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it.

Good morning, my captains


Smiling but hurting

Just rewards.

Hotter than it looked, and after 90 Kms steeper as well

La Fonte DI Coppi, with my @engineeredbikes Gezel in the foreground. Did I say how much I'm loving this bike?

Volterraio, with Portoferraio in the background.

Speedy Bike Club London, well, maybe not so speedy on the climb to Volterraio

Marciana, and then a great downhill

Looking towards the mountains

Sant'Andrea depart