I should be tramping through the hills of the Lake District with the prettiest Spanish girl about now, but sadly I'm in a cold flat (the heating isn't on yet), and doing this for kicks instead. Perhaps I shouldn't have added the comments link, I can only guess at the responses. I've also missed the most colourful autumn in the UK for a long time.

I saw my first christmas lights here in Italy yesterday - at the entrance to my local supermarket, strangely enough. At least here it is less commercial than some countries. I've done the hardest part of my shopping, and actually thought of what I would like to give everyone. What I will give myself is the only one may think it strange, but I always buy myself a present......I thoroughly recommend it.

Apparently Eric Morecambe's son has written a book about his dad 'Eric Morecambe - Life's Not Hollywood, It's Cricklewood'. Becoming quite a famous place, didn't Joe Strummer (RIP) write a song called 'Willesden to Cricklewood'?


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