..if you call, I will answer

[Listening to: Call and Answer - Barenaked Ladies - Stunt [UK Bonus CD] Disc 1]

Apparently the British Farmers union is playing chill out music to Turkeys to calm them down before Christmas. What a mad world we live in...

More interestingly in the Sydney Morning Herald was an article with a new slant on Jonny Wilkinsons winning kick in the Rugby World Cup, it makes a change from the press we've been getting in the Australian papers, and makes some interesting points. So I'm doing what the article suggests, having a few moments of introspection. I've had a terrible week at work, but things have calmed down, so I'm doing what the turkeys are doing and chilling out with some Barenaked Ladies (I should be so lucky...).

I've a busy few weeks ahead, with friends here from Athens one weekend, and a friend from London for the 2 weeks before Christmas. Then, for the first time in 9 years, I'm going away for Christmas (hurray, no cooking!). I do have to face Rome's Fuimincino airport on Christmas Eve, but that aside I'm looking forward to 4 days away, and also looking forward to being in Athens for New year (if I pull my finger out and book a flight tomorrow).

Just got off the phone from the prettiest Spanish girl (I think I'll use this name from now on, it has a nice ring to it), who I think has forgiven me for not taking her to the Lake District, although I have had to promise to take her there in the Spring. I'm not sure she valued the first ten minutes of the call as we were talking whilst I watched Chelsea fail to make the most of some splendid opportunities in front of the Sparta Prague goal in their Champions League clash, so our conversation was sporadically interrupted by me shouting at my TV in bemused frustration. After seeing Chelsea put 4 past Lazio here in Rome a few weeks ago, it was strange to see them miss so often. More importantly (we're back to the conversation now) as always she made me laugh (mostly at my own stupidity), and now I can go to bed smiling. Somehow 'Northern Exposure' came up in the conversation; do you remember it? A series set in Cicely, Alaska, that aired on Channel 4 some years ago. It had a wonderfully weird cast and some memorable lines:

"A lot of strange things about women".
"Amen to that".
"They give you every indication that they want you to do one thing when in fact, they want you to do just the opposite. And the topper is, that they get mad if you don't know that" (Joel and Maurice talk about women).