The 5' interview

Q:Why did you start this?
A: I only recently came across my first blog 'Life in LA', and I was fascinated. A quick search and I realised I needed ADSL if I didn't want to face a huge phone bill. A sort of modern day voyeurism, but was it real? Then I figured I should contribute, that way it wasn't purely voyeurism. Since then I've bookmarked a few, such as burnt toast (down as I write).

Q: But are you really sure anyone wants to read this?
A: Who knows? Who cares, really? It's therapeutic, I just need to be able to type faster. Having a bandage on my left index finger doesn't exactly help though...

Q: Tell us something about yourself?
A: I can tell you what it feels like to...hell, I'll save that one. Later, maybe.

Q: 5 things?
A: Clint Eastwoods Dirt Harry movies; never say "last run of the day"; Shannyn Sossamon; write a letter (on paper); post it.

Q: Do you dream in colour?
A: Well, do you?


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