[Listening to: Long Shadow - Joe Strummer - Streetcore]

What is it about lists? They're compulsive once you start. Feeling Listless listed his top ten albums, the last one of which, 'a pessimist is never disappointed' by the audience (Sophie Ellis Bextors before Spiller and her single career took off), I bought solely because of the title (I bought the first Shivaree album, 'I oughta give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dump' for the same reason). I'm not sure I agree with any more of his top ten, but that's the beauty of lists.

Today's Telegraph has an article on lists, prompted by Channel 4s "100 worst pop singles" programme over the new year. Thankfully the article told me who came first (I agree, the Cheeky Girls' "Touch My Bum" hardly rates as THE worst single of all time). I couldn't take any more, I'd sat through 90 of them, but caved in with only 10 to go. Anyone care to tell me what the top 10 were? I also agree with the author in voting The Likely Lads one of the best sitcoms. I'm reserving my opinion on The Office until after I've seen series 2 (the friend from London is sending me the DVD), but will add The Best of the Likely Lads to my Amazon Wish List....

For once, my new year didn't consist of lists of things I won't do this year. Saoirse never sent me my list from last year, but I know I didn't do any of them, so this year I'm taking a different approach.

In the words of Joe Strummer "you don't face your demons down, you got to grapple 'em Jack and pin 'em top the ground".

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