Hey, I'm Back!

[Listening to: Valley Winter Song - Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers]

Well, I'm back after a weeks snowboarding in Serre Chevalier. This was my first break from work in 10 months, so well overdue. The snow was great, and I think I'm over my fear of drag lifts (little did I know how antiquated the lift system was in Serre Chevalier). It's a nice place, lots of off-piste boarding to be had, and pretty empty - some days it was like we had our own resort. I think one of the reasons I enjoy snowboarding so much (aside from the exhileration) is that you have to concentrate, if you don't pay attention you'll hurt yourself. This means you blot out any non snowboarding thoughts - I didn't think of work once. I think I scared the friend from Athens out of her skin when I crashed on the last day and bounced off my head twice, but no broken bones this time. Must be getting lucky in my old age...

A mixture of good news and bad news awaited me on my return:

My oldest friend accidentally ran over her kitten last week. Milly was very sweet, and liked to sit on the sink playing with the water dripping from the tap. She ripped me to shreds over christmas, and I'll miss her.

The prettiest Spanish girl is coming to stay next weekend. I can't wait.

An Englishman in Verona linked back to my site with reference to the Observer article I mentioned earlier this month. Of course that was written before our glorious leader had his cosmetic surgery. It says a lot about a country when their leader has cosmetic surgery, and of course here in Italy la bella figura  means everything. Shame on them.

It snowed in Rome on Friday whilst I was away. That's so rare it made the news. I wish I'd seen it.

My flatmate from Pescara has to leave. She hasn't been paid for 2 months and has now lost her job as the company is closing. It's a shame, she's great, and it's hard to find flatmates you get on with so well with. I'm hoping things will change and she can stay.

This morning driving to work a Pied Wagtail landed on my mirror at a set of traffic lights. It looked in at me, then proceeded to admire it's reflection. When the lights changed and I drove off it attempted to fly alongside for a few seconds. Life is good sometimes.

So, now it's back to work. Never mind, the weekend is rapidly approaching.


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