Don't know when I'll be content

[Listening to: The Optimist - Turin Brakes - The Optimist LP]

I had physiotherapy today - an hour and a half of pain, but well worth it. I still struggle to believe that over 3 years since I broke my back I'm still undergoing treatment, but immensely grateful that my physiotherapist, who treated me after both accidents, knows her way round my back, as she once said, like the back of her hand. This was the seciond session this week, which is a bit unusual, normally it's once a month, but given what she's achieved I'd never doubt her judgment.

Her efforts in teasing and pummeling my muscles back where they were supposed to be means I can go snowboarding next week. Which is great, as we've found what appears to be a nice apartment in Serre Chevallier, and there is loads of fresh snow. So it's hopefully going to be a week of fresh powder, and evenings eating, followed by bottle of Averna, some Nduja, cards and good company. That's what I call a holiday.

So now I must attempt to sleep, if my back lets me. Perhaps my back has been so sore because I've spent too many hours trying to work out how to design this blog?

My posts have been a bit erratic recently. This hasn't been helped by my new wireless keyboard, which is Italian. I've found myself constantly rewriting sentences because I can't find the correct character. I've promised myself I'll sort it out when I get back.....