[Listening to: Ballad Of A Drifter (Let's Go Home) - Les Hormones - Don't Let Them Get You Down (4:50)]

I was in Rome today for work, (where it was a pleasant 13 degrees compared to Milan's 4, and no fog to hide everything) and despite the fact I was in an office all day I actually felt homesick. The moment I stepped off the plane it felt, just right, like I should be there, and not here in Milan. It reminded me of the feeling I always had when I came back from trips away, and I'd look down at the landscape as we flew in, and then feel the kiss of warm air when I stepped of the plane, and despite everything I always say about the place ( and I know I can go on about it sometimes), but somehow it always felt good to come back.

Perhaps I should listen to these voices sometimes....

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