Bicycle, oh bicycle

[Listening to: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams (03:04)]

Since my accident in October I've not been able to cycle (or even walk propely for a few months). During lunch today I struck up a conversation with a colleague who I noticed was looking a bit slimmer than last year, and the reason, it transpired, was that he's been cycling every Saturday morning since he bought himself a new Mountain Bike. I've been doing physiotherapy since the accident, but the recommendation was that I shouldn't get on my bike until March or April - but during the conversation today I realise that I actually really miss it. I miss the mental part of it as well as the physical - the sounds and smells that you encounter whilst travelling at a slower speed, the time you have to look at things, the feeling of being part of your surrounding and not being cocoooned in a metal box. As I said yesterday, driving a car here in Rome (or any city for that matter) can be stressful - but the daily commute by bike doesn't leave you stressed. You arrive at work tired, but having already achieved something. You're warm, tingling, alive. Put me back on my bike...