Le Cure 2021 - 4 days, 347km, 8762 metres of climbing, £174K and counting raised to fight cancer this year, thanks to you. This was my 4th year riding Le Cure, and at the same time raising money for cancer research. Sadly overshadowed this year by the tragic death of one of our friends whilst riding. Every penny raised goes directly to the research unit, there are no administrative fees, the event is fully supported by volunteers and I paid all my costs myself (including the many massages I needed!) A huge thank you for helping, it really does mean a lot to me. Cycling Le Cure is hard work, but worth it to thanks to your donation. For anyone who wants to read more about Le Cure and it’s work, you can do so here: https://lecure.org/ @lecuredefrance #lecurecycling #cancersucks

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