Weldtite Performace Review Team

[Listening to: XTC - Ball and Chain]

Back in March of this year, in fact just a few days before my accident, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the review team for Weldtite products. Just a few weeks later my first package arrived, containing a bottle of TF2 Performance Lubricant.

The deal was that I had to post a review within 3-months of receiving the product. But obviously when they made their selection I wasn't laid up in bed recovering from breaking my femur. I couldn't even get dressed, let alone walk about much, so doing anything beyond the absolutely necessary was out of the question. But many months later, and with the team at Weldtite being very patient with me (thank you Courtney!), I picked my bike up and set about preparing to ride again. I'd signed up to do both L'Eroica and the very first Gran Fondo di Roma. First thing to do, after a complete M check to make sure that everything was still okay, was a wash and lube to get ready.

After a good wash down and dry, and with everything looking as clean as could be, it was time to apply some lubricant. Up until now I'd been using Pedro's lube, but I'd agreed to be a product tester, so test it I would.

The product comes in a green bottle, which is clear so you can see how much is left. Unlike many other lubes, this one comes with a screw off lid instead of a flip up nozzle, and I have to say it looks like it will keep my toolbox a bit cleaner. The nozzle itself is just the right size in order to be able to apply the correct amount of lubricant. I always start applying lubricant at the removable pin point ( or removable link depending on your set up), in order to be able to see where I started, although as the lube is green you can pretty easily see where you started. I lube on the inside of the chain, which makes sense, the outside of your chain has no contact points apart from the jockey wheels, whereas the inside of the chain is where the lubricant is really needed. Using this method there is also less wastage.

After applying I went out for the first ride on the bike since my accident. I live in a small road at the bottom of the Gianicolo in Rome, and whichever route I take it starts with a sharp ride uphill. I was nervous in the traffic, and after 7-months off after a serious accident, worried about how I'd get on, but within minutes found myself whirring the pedals and concentrating on listening to my breathing - and the noises from the bike.

I'm glad to say there were none, and the TF2 was certainly doing a great job, my drivetrain was silent. I'd adjusted the indexing as part of my M check, so it was as silent as could be, and with the newly applied TF2 the bike was as smooth as new.

I did 3 (yes, only 3!) more rides before the Gran Fondo, and did a second lube before the actual big day. I probably didn't need to, it still looked clean and grit free, but I wasn't taking any chances.

I'd sadly decided to give L'Eroica a miss, partly due to being much more nervous about riding on dirt roads, but the Gran Fondo I took part in (see my post That WasThe Year That.... to see how I got on). The ride itself was hot, and the TF2 did a great job. I'll definitely be using this in the future.