Springtime on Sark

[Listening to: Island in the Sun - Weezer - Weezer (Green Album) (03:20)]

What a contrast, Paris one week, Sark the next...

I've just got back from a week spent visiting Alderney and Sark (with a day trip to Herm thrown in at the end). The experience from Alderney to Sark was quite a contrast - the 2 days we stayed on Alderney were spent walking around the coastline, clambering on and over every bunker and fort we saw; it's covered with relics from the German occupation in WWII. Sark is a world apart, no cars, just bicycles and horses (okay, there is the odd tractor). With no intensive farming and no pollution, its a garden of wild flowers, and it's wonderful.

View to Brecohou Sea Foam La Seigneurie Gardens La Coupe

I didn't see any Puffins (I've always wanted to see one - apparently they are much smaller than I imagined), but we had a god time walking the paths and climbing down the beaches. The island has steep cliffs, so it's good exercise going up and down to each beach and landing, but that's half the fun.

Anyway, although I've been back a week this is the first chance I've had to post anything. I'll try to pen a few more words this week and post some more pictures (I took literally hundreds - oh the joys of digital photography)...