Brass Monkeys

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We spent last weekend in an agritourismo (nice, but probably the coldest I've ever been in Italy). Despite the impression the photo's might give, I didn't spend my weekend flat on my back, I just liked the angles. Orvieto is a great little place, and the duomo is spectacular:

Duomo of Orvieto Towards the Heavens The Facade

Sunday we visited Bagnoregio, known as il paese che muore (the dying town), and then after we were suitably frozen, went in search of lunch. We found a nice place in Lubriano, where we (and only we) ate at Il Cervo Scarletto. Good food, if I'm in the area again I'd go back (hopefully next time it will be warmer - the place I mean, not the food...). The food was Calabrian, not exactly what I'd expected in Umbria, but being frozen the slightlier spicier menu warmed us up a treat.

Bagnoregio Il paese che muore


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