End of Summer

[Listening to: Listening For The Weather - Bic Runga - Beautiful Collision [UK] (03:30)]

Well, summer really feels like its over here in Rome. 45mm of rain in 5 days washed it away. We did manage to get some hours of sunshine this weekend, but it feels like summers passed. It's the best summer I've ever had since I moved here, and I feels sad that it's over.


Coruscate - now there's a nice word. I had to look it up on Dictionary.com.

..and here are some other odds and sods I've been meaning to post for a while:

Courtesy of Treehugger is this neat little Solar Bike Light, which doubles as a battery charger. Also courtesy of Treehugger is this nifty TrioBike, which I think my friend JS would like, as he's about to have a daughter, and this is right up his street.


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