If I Were PM

[Listening to: Counting Down the Days - Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down the Days (04:09)]

Sky News have been running a piece recently on what people would do if they were British Prime Minister. So here is my own personal election manifesto, in no particular order:
  • Close all McDonalds and turn them into shelters for the homeless.

  • Ban cheese. It makes you fat. I'd retrain all sniffer dogs at airports to be able to detect cheese and not drugs.

  • Free cycle helmets for all children under 16.

  • Ban musicals. People don't walk down the street trying to tell each other things by singing. It's wrong I tell you, wrong.

  • No more car imports into Britain until every car in every lot has been sold.

  • More cycle lanes, more public transport. It's that simple.

  • No Coke machines or junk food in schools, period. Jamie Oliver knew a bad thing when he saw it.

  • More solar power (easier here in Rome, I know). More wind power - plenty of that in the UK....
These are just a few ideas. I'm sure some of them are not that popular, but I don't care.


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