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Chelsea Carling Cup Winners 2005

Chelsea finally picked up their first piece of silverware, but as Londonist reports, José Mourinho got into a bit of trouble yesterday after Chelsea won the 2005 Carling Cup. As a fan for as long as I can remember, I'm smiling. I spent many a Saturday standing in the West Wing of the Shed when I first lived in London, and hope that is the start of many good years to come.

Saturday night, over dinner in Il Simposio di Costantino my friends over from London were complaining about the quality of food in London compared with here in Rome. It appears that the writers of Gourmet magazine don't agree, having declared that London is the best place to eat on the planet. Of course they didn't have the Bucatini all'Amatriciana or the Manzo Tagliata that I was eating...

A great story in the Guardian recently about Donnie Dunagan, who as a child was the voice of Bambi, but by 18 had enlisted in the Marine corps, getting shot in the Tet offensive in '68: How Bambi fought the Viet Cong.

Also picked up from the Guardian blog was this story of two English guys who are planning to travel 18,000 miles across across America (the land of the free don't forget) while breaking as many of its "ridiculous" local laws as possible: Whale-hunting in landlocked Utah. I look forward to reading the book, however judging by the comments not everyone is in favour, and as the Guardians has printed their names (and approximate travel dates), it remains to be seen whether they will actually get into the States.


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