Angry Customer

[Listening to: Something Better Change - The Stranglers - Peaches: The Very Best of the Stranglers]

I think I'd have to agree with Blaise @ Fate Delivers, the chap at Cardiff University got it wrong when he said that today would be the worst day of the year - I don't like Monday 24 January, yesterday was far worse.

On Saturday I bought a Maxtor One Touch II 200Gb external hard drive, as my PC has been giving me a lot of problems, constantly rebooting itself, and I wanted to back up my drive and then reformat and reinstall Windows XP. The external hard drive looked great, and installation seemed easy - until I tried to run the software yesterday....

Honestly, by the end of the afternoon I would happily have opened my 4th floor window and dropped my PC onto the street below. Short lived satisfaction maybe, but surely it had to be better than trying to get this obstinant piece of software to run.

Of course Saturday was pretty disasterous...I went to Finnegan's to watch Chelsea v Portsmouth, and got helped up by a fur clad geriatric in an old Fiat Seicento on the way there, and got there minutes after the 3rd goal. Of course, that was the last goal, unusually Chelsea didn't go for a 4 nil pumelling of the opposition.

What else happened, oh yes, the NiCad batteries in my phone died, and of course the 2 shops I went to had no new ones in stock. I can't find a cheap enough ticket to go to London for M's 40th dinner next weekend, something fell out of my tooth....and I had the worst week at work ever.

Actually, having written it all down, it doesn't seem that bad now. And of course, in the grand scheme of things, it isn't, is it.


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