Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

[Listening to: The Riches - Jane's Addiction - Q Best of 03] 

The Christmas lights are on in my street. They have an effect that makes It look like it's raining stars, it's beautiful. They also add a feeling of warmth, which is good, because it's cold enough to be Siberia outside. I normally don't wear socks around the house, but today I never even took off my boots when I came in, it was that cold.

My friends from Athens were here this weekend. I hope they enjoyed themselves, it was kind of hard to tell. I've not been in the best of moods for the last few months (okay, I'll be honest, try years), but I did try to be sociable. We shopped, ate out, went to the local pub, shopped some fact it was a whirlwind weekend, sort of non stop, but I'm worried they didn't have a good time. Friendships aren't always easy.