[Listening to: In The City - The Jam - Beat Surrender [UK] (02:20)]

The air in Rome has (apparently) got better over the past year, but there is still room for improvement. Starting January 19th, like last year, car drivers will not be able to drive within the green zone, roughly most of Rome inside the tangenziale (ring road), on Thursdays from the 19th January until 23rd March from 15.00 – 21.00, starting with odd plates and then evens. There will also be 3 traffic free Sundays between January and March, dates TBA. Of course last year I was cycling to work every day at this time, but this year I'm still not able to due to my back, so it affects me as well. They tried this in Athens, and everyone bought a second car with the opposite plate....

On a brighter note 200 buses running on methane will start running on Roman roads from July 2006, 30 a month until the following January. That should reduce the emmisions a bit.


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