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...and so it ends. 13kms of wonderful colors and great scenery in Abruzzo.

Sunday hiking in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo in all it’s splendour.

A walk I’ll remember for a long time....Abruzzo in Autumn is spectacular.

Funghi πŸ„, Abruzzo

Sloe berries, Abruzzo

Campo Felice, Abruzzo.

Passeggiata, Abruzzo.

Rays of the afternoon sun, Abruzzo

It’s okay, I don’t need to pass.....

Autumn colors, Abruzzo

Sunset on the cycle path north of Rome #mycommute

Gran Fondo di Roma 2017 #granfondoroma

Gran Fondo di Roma 2017 #granfondoroma

Gran Fondo di Roma 2017 #granfondoroma

Gran Fondo di Roma 2017 #granfondoroma

Gran Fondo di Roma 2017 #granfondoroma

All ready for the 6th Gran Fondo di Roma tomorrow. Rumour has it next years will be in May to coincide with the Giro granfondo #roma #granfondoroma

Full moon over the Isola Tiberina #mycommute #rome #fullmoon

Bike racks, Marseille.

Marseille blue

Wonderful Sunday brunch at La Passarelle in Marseille. #sunday #brunch #marseille

Marseille, lovely villas and coves just a short bus ride from the city Centre.

The Vallon des Auffes is a little traditional fishing haven in Marseille in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille. A short hop on the 83 bus from the old harbour, and from here you can walk down little lanes along the coast.

Cattedrale de la Major, Marseille.

Marseille, what a wonderful place.

Place des Moulins - the last windmills in Marseille we’re in this piazza. Now it is an oasis of calm, with parents sat talking on the benches and children laughing and playing.

Charity began ns at home II

Charity begins at home

#streetart Marseille II

##streetart Marseille

Marseille, written in letters just like Hollywood.

Marseille sunset

Dusk #mycommute #rome

The old and the new on #mycommute

Rome sunset πŸŒ… . Sometimes I love #mycommute in #rome. #sunset #cyclinglife

Sunset on the cycle home πŸŒ… #mycommute

Reflections of Amsterdam

Amsterdam morning #upbuilding

Sage advice at @thehoxtonhotel in Amsterdam

I know that it rained, but the sad thing here is that all the plastic here was thrown away by someone, and that no one in Rome will clean this up, it will all makes it's way to the sea.

After puncturing earlier this week and spraying the entire back end of the bike with sealant, a #bikewash was in order.

13 beers - 12 bought and 1 free. Should keep me going for a while 🍺

Abruzzo, under the gathering clouds.

View of the dome of St. Peter's basilica from the cycle path on the Tevere on #mycommute this morning. #cycling #cyclingphotos #cycletowork

Abruzzo, in all it's majesty.

Rome's Tiber river awash with discarded plastic bottles and other rubbish. Disgraceful.

Rome's burning, or at least north of Rome something is #mycommute

Sometimes you pass by places every day without seeing them. #mycommute

I'm on a road to nowhere..... #mycommute