en selle Marcel

[Listening to: Cycling Trivialities - José González - In Our Nature ]

Back from a lovely mild christmas spent in Paris. Amongst other things, I found a new bike shop which I'm sure will become a must visit shop every time I go to Paris in future - en selle Marcel. Located near Les Halles at 40 rue Tiquetonne, 75002, Paris, the shop stocks amongst other things Rapha, Brooks, Cooper Bikes, has sometimes some restored vintage bikes on sale, and Rustines, a classic looking French repair kit in various packages, plus some nice t-shirts and other accessories.

This is the sort of shop I'd love to be able to open in Rome, selling only a few carefully selected brands, well laid out with a lot of attention to detail. The only black mark it got was the fact that my girlfriend (who is from Paris) said they weren't very polite when we first visited, something that I missed as I don't speak French. They seemed polite enough to me when we returned for me to be able to buy my christmas present - a Rapha Rain Jacket. I'd been looking at one for absolutely ages, but having finally got the chance to try one on on I was hooked. No need to worry now when I go out, no need to take a rucksack each time to carry my trusty old Berghaus Goretex jacket, which is still in use, but too bulky to be able to carry in a jersey pocket each time I ride. I decided on the Grey (partly because they didn't have a Red in my size, but the Grey is a lovely colour that should wear well. I'll post a report when I've used it in anger.

I also received from friends S & R a very cool t-shirt from a French cycle brand called Victoire Cycles.

As I'm currently without work, I will hopefully be able to put the time to good use and get some good rides in this winter. My leg is better, although not perfect, but it hurts more when I walk than when I ride, or at least so far. I'm not as confident on the bike, especially descending, but hopefully that will come back with time and practice. So when I ride I'm set whatever the weatehr, and when at home I have a great new t-shirt to relax in.

All in all I'm a happy man.