Teenage Kicks

[Listening to: A Different Light - Marine Girls - Lazy Ways/Beach Party]

The news that legendary radio DJ John Peel died today was a shock. I remember in the late 70's listening to his show to hear stuff I just couldn't hear anywhere else. Radio 1 apparently played his favourite song, Teenage Kicks by the Undertones, after announcing the news. Bizarrely I saw a piece on TV last night where Jonothan Demme was interviewed after using a song from that well known Scottish punk band The Prats. Demme had heard of the band whilst listening to the John Peel show back in the 70's. Read more on the piece here, or for a more insightful look at how much he meant to modern music look at his entry in Wikipedia

Author and film-maker Michael Moore is apparently to take part in a special BBC Question Time programme from Miami on the eve of the US presidential election. That's got to be worth watching.

Today I received a grand total of 106 emails. Of course, only 5 were for me, the rest were offering me the chance to purchase cheap drugs, or a hand crafted Italian Rolex, approving mortgages I never applied for, and some spam offering to stop the flood of spam. Of course, none were from people with names that you come across every day, I mean, how many of you know a Elisha Portsche, Les Cabatu, Araceli Alexander or Milton Rieben I want to know?

Pictures and tales from Sicily to follow...


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