[Listening to: London Calling - The Clash - London Calling 25th Anniversary Edition]

First post for a while I'm afraid. I've had a runny rebellion in my stomach that made me pretty sick for about 10 days. Good old fashioned over the counter drugs were not enough, I had to get some prescription medicine to put me back to normal working conditions, but all is well now and I'm back to normal, if some kilos lighter.

Next week I'm off to Sicily for a slightly delayed holiday. First stop Palermo, then who knows. Have car, will travel. Reading for the week will be Pompeii by Robert Harris. Not geographically correct, but a good read none the less I hope. Oddly this will be my first holiday in years where I'm not actually doing something - normally I'm snowboarding, walking, cycling or something equaly energetic. This is the first time I'm going somewhere to relax.

My ex flatmate M will be my companion for the week. He'll be glad to get away I think, as he sent me a text this morning saying he was burgled yesterday. Other peoples troubles always help to put your own in perspective.

Hopefully I'll return with plenty of pictures. I'll try not fall into Etna (some of my friends think I'm naturally unlucky).


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