Il Castello di Rocca Calascio

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Last weekend we escaped from Rome to visit Abruzzo. Whilst in L'Aquila we bought a book on castles in Abruzzo, which led us here:

Il castello di Rocca Calascio Clouds Il castello di Rocca Calascio

Haing walked (some) of the way up, and because it was late, we ate at il Rifugio della Rocca. I'm glad we did, the food was great. I'm not normally a gnocchi fan, but the Gnocchi di patate al rag├╣ bianco d'anatra (Gnocchi with duck sauce) was really nice, and the combination of the exercise, fresh air good food and great views put us both in a good mood.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we're going back this coming weekend.


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