Springtime in Paris

[Listening to: Just Looking - Stereophonics - Live From Dakota (05:19)]

Having visited only 6 cities in 2005, I've started this year at a faster pace. So far, I've been to Dubai, Dublin, and last week, thanks to a wonderful girlfriend, Paris! I've never been before, but I hope this is the start of great many visits. Although we took in a great many sites, I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures as I should have, but that's another reason to go back. That, and the fact that I'm madly in love with a girl from Paris, of course.

Sacr-Coeur The Eiffel Tower Paris At Night

Guy de Maupassant hated the Eiffel Tower so much he claimed at one point to have lunched in the restaraunt every day, as that was then only place he couldn't see it. Personally I loved it. I loved the over-engineering, the folly of it, and the views are spectacular and well worth the climb (the queue for the lift was 2 hours, so we took the stairs, a much better option) .

Sacr-Coeur The Eiffel Tower Paris At Night

And now I'm off to pack for a trip to Alderney, Sark and Guernsey in the Channel Islands.....


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