What goes around...

[Listening to: Thinking About Tomorrow - Beth Orton - Pass in Time: The Definitive Collection Disc 1]

..comes around. Today's my birthday. I'm now proudly drinking tea out of my new Chelsea mug, and will hopefully get to wear wear my new Chelsea t-shirt at a Champions League game this year (it would be nice to draw Roma, especially after the win over Lazio last year). In the meantime I've got a very nice bottle of Brunello di Montalcino to drink some night (perhaps when the sweltering heat of August has subsided), a piccolino new backpack to carry some of the many books I have to read to the park, and a funky Paul Smith t-shirt to wear out one night soon.

As part of my new drive to become spam free, as soon as I've changed my email address I'm going to start using BugMeNot (courtesy of New Links, who also provided the code for the nifty "On This Day" that lets you click on the date and see what happened on this day in history. I'm working on making it jump to the BBC page, but can't quite get the code to work right yet, so at the moment it takes you to Wikipedia instead). I now get more spam than actual email, and it's driving me crazy. I've switched to Thunderbird as my mail client (I switched to Firefox as my browser some time ago), which at least works faster than Outlook....

For anyone who knows me, expect an email with my new address soon. For anyone who doesn't, I've added a link in the sidebar so you can drop me a line.
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