Thank you - although I'm not sure what for

[Listening to: Thankyou - Dido - No Angel (UK Edition) [ECD] [UK]]

Many of my friends and colleagues have commented recently on the fact that I looked happy, or relaxed, or simply "well". Of course there was a reason for this (there always is, and this is the reason I've not posted for absolutely ages)..and it all seemed to be going rather well, but in this particular case the girl in question obviously didn't feel the same way as me. At least that's the way I read the situation when I met her new boyfriend last night.

So here I am again

I'm disappointed, I can't say I'm not. I don't know if this was the outcome I expected all along. I had made plans, as you do. A weekend in the hotel Fortino Napoleonico in le Marche was one idea. I really wanted to spend a holiday in a lighthouse after being in Cornwall (more on that later), but it's too far from Rome for a weekend.

I gave her the album I'm listening to now, along with an Angel tube t-shirt. Looking back, the play on words seems strangely prophetic.

But I was happy for a few weeks, or at least on the brink of it, which didn't feel so bad.


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