RIP Gordon

[Listening to: Something Good - Bic Runga - Beautiful Collision [UK]]

Gordon was a ghekko that lived in my garage. Perhaps he didn't take too kindly to being woken from his hibernation when I moved into the garage on January 1st. Whatever the cause he has to be referred to in the past tense as he's definitely passed on. F, my new flatmate, is a vet, but even a layman like me could tell that Gordon wasn't well. He went from being a lovely soft mustardy brown colour to looking like a dried leaf. I miss him....

There was an interesting piece in todays La Repubblica on the Chelsea v Arsenal clash: Una lezione di derby pari Chelsea - Arsenal. After the dreadful scenes that followed the abandonement of Sundays local derby between Roma and Lazio that left 114 policemen injured, the paper writes that the London derby allowed Italian fans to see a great derby in a great capital, without blows, without extremists, just football. No violence, no tears, no smokescreens, no firecrackers. Nothing to ruin an evening of sport.

And what sport it was. Todays Guardian ran a funny piece on Chelsea: Ranieri stirred not shaken. For my money he doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting. Like Gianfranco Zola he's a great ambassador for his country. I only wish the fans here on Sunday could take a leaf out of their books.