Title, what title?

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This made me laugh out loud, one of those things on the net that make you smile, click on the link and maybe you'll do the same. I was browsing and stumbled upon Jeff Bridges site (quiet a few well known personalities have blogs - Jeffs is one of the best sites I've seen though, and further enhances his reputation in my mind as one cool dude, if The Big Lebowski wasn't enough). William Shatner also has one, but I'm not sure he'll ever be forgiven for T. J Hooker, although I guess he did get to work with Heather Locklear, who has brought Spin City some welcome appeal after Jennifer Esposito left . Talking of 70's TV shows, I did read that Starsky and Hutch (recently seen on V Graham Norton) was being made into a movie starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. That'll be a chance for Kevin to pull that old cardigan out of the cupboard...

Read a review of the film of Joe Simpsons book 'Touching The Void' the bestseller that launched his writing career and won the Boardman Tasker award for mountain literature. The film rights to the book were bought by Tom Cruise's production company, and the film sounds like it's done credit to an amazing story of the power of the human spirit. I can't wait to see it. Check out further reviews on the IMDB. Simpson and Bear Grylls both seem to have carved a career in motivational speaking following their adventures and books, and you have to admire them. Simpsons a great writer, but having broken my back twice (T12 and T4 vertabrae) in one year, I equally understand the efforts Grylls achievements took.

Right, now I'm off to the shops to buy the ingredients to make that West African Chicken and Peanut curry recipe I read @ me(ish)

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